About QuincyCompressor

      Performance You Demand. Reliability You trust.

      Quincy Compressor makes and sells undeniably the world's finest air compressor. Our products are used around the world in manufacturing plants, hospitals, climate control systems and any application that requires reliable air assistance.

      We know air technology and how to build quality air products because we've been involved in the industry since 1920. That's the year three men presented an improved vacuum pump design to their company's management and were met with indifference.

      They reacted by launching a new company.

      Although the word entrepreneur was not used as frequently in 1920 as it is today, it fits the men who founded Quincy Compressor. They embodied the entrepreneurial spirit so highly regarded in today's world.

      Our History

      After George Gille, John Kathe, and George Wall discovered there was no interest in their vacuum design where they worked, they found financial backing for a new company in the form of Elation and Maculae Irwin. The Wall Pump and Compressor Co., with headquarters and manufacturing located on Quincy's riverfront, was born in July 1920.

      By 1924, the company had expanded its line beyond its original products, vacuum pumps designed for milking cows, and changed its name to Quincy Compressor Co. By that time, Quincy Compressor had begun selling reciprocating air compressors, and the company grew with the increasing demand for compressed air.

      In 1937, Quincy Compressor introduced the Quincy QR-25, which has become an industry symbol of quality over the past 65 years. These same durable characteristics are present in all of Quincy’s complete reciprocating line, which is manufactured in Quincy, Illinois.

      In 1966, Quincy Compressor was purchased by Colt Industries. This change in ownership set the stage for the development of the rotary screw compressor line.

      In 1980 we began machining and manufacturing operations in our Bay Minette, Alabama, plant, where we manufacture our rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps. We expanded the Bay Minette plant's capacity in 1996.

      In 1999, Coltec Industries merged with Goodrich, which positioned Quincy Compressor in a globally advanced, multi-industry company.

      On June 1, 2002, Goodrich spun-off the engineered industrial products divisions to form EnPro Industries Inc. EnPro Industries is a leading provider of engineered industrial products for the processing and general manufacturing industries.

      In 2004, we expanded into Kunshan, China, as we opened Q-Tech Air Systems, Ltd. Q-Tech currently employs about 35 people and is expanding. This facility assembles and tests Global rotary screw compressors. The first official production was in July 2004, and the official opening of the facility was in September 2004.

      In March of 2010, Quincy Compressor was purchased by Atlas Copco. The acquisition is the first time in our history that Quincy will be owned by a company whose business objectives are very much the same as ours. And, most importantly to our heritage, Quincy continues to retain its own brand identity.